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company culture

More employees today make a decision to work somewhere based on the culture of the company and its philanthropic engagements. What you do inside a company is paramount to how people outside an organization see your brand and interact with it. Find out what your company Culture ScoreTM is and how you can make improvements to it through training, internal shifts in communication and community involvement.


Where are the Gaps?

The strongest position of evaluation is from the outside. Company's get a skewed view of their internal culture when they are looking only from the inside. Let us help you discover where the gaps are and how to make improvements.

Good Grades

Culture ScoreTM

Leadership transitions, legacy transitions, new product development and acquisitions can all shift company culture or throw it out the window. Let our Culture ScoreTM give you a benchmark for growth and a trajectory for success.


How do we fix it?

Customized training programs will be developed based on the Gaps discovered in the Culture ScoreTM. Differing levels of the organization can be exposed to a variety of indepth training content designed to increase the value of culture.

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