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Training - Workshops

Each training program is customized to an organization and team based on gaps, evaluations and needs. The program is based on four quadrants of learning in Empty, Examine, Expand, Ex-celerate.

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Process Communication MOdel

Process Communication Model (PCM) Training - Learning the PCM creates a vocabulary of understanding between staff and leadership and boosts a healthy company culture where strengths and weaknesses are better understood and communication channels of comprehension are accomplished.

The Process Communication Model is an internationally esteemed, reliable, behaviorally based communications model. It is used to individually adapt connection and motivation to build trust and relationships. The Model can help achieve success for an organization by increasing awareness of strengths and failure potentials that are most active in its leaders. It helps to identify stress patterns and methods for resolving them.

Meditation by the Sea
Individual Training

Self Awareness

Are you looking for more peace and inner satisfaction at work and home? Discover how you are innately wired to achieve, be motivated for success and how to stay out of distress.

Team Talk
Building Culture

Invest in People

Workplace Drama takes hours a week and reduces productivity for employers. Invest in your people using PCM concepts and find workplace drama disappearing and productivity increasing. A positive work environment can also increase employment longevity and improve profits.

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Executive Teams

Maximize Leadership

Using the PCM within Executive Teams helps align strategies, increase idea generation and improve leadership. Starting at the top, PCM can greatly enhance company culture and attract talent.

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