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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Janice's goal when speaking is to leave people a memorable, enjoyable experience and to realize later that they also learned something valuable in the process. She gives practical, usable knowledge to increase professional and personal relationships. 

Whether you need a keynote speaker, luncheon entertainment, or a full training or workshop, a customized topic for your event or corporation can be designed. Janice has been speaking nationwide on various topics concerning people, communication, company culture and marketing. She enjoys sharing inspirational funny stories and making people laugh while increasing knowledge and understanding.

The most popular speaking subjects are Faith, Hope and Love in the Workplace, How to Leaders Get Stuck, Finding your Why and Influence and Power

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  • "Janice was very well spoken, professional, provided great responses to the questions asked during the workshop, shared valuable stories and relatable examples. I think she did a really nice job pivoting to the Zoom call and keeping the workshop very interactive."

  • "Janice was absolutely terrific! I really enjoyed how she made us engaged and I feel like we had a great conversation. "

  • "I liked the speaker's willingness to be vulnerable and honest about her own life and her journey. It made the topic very relatable. "

  • "Janice is awesome and she makes me feel seen.”

  • ”Janice was a great speaker and kept me engaged.”

  •  “Very knowledgeable”

  • “She was enjoyable!”

  • “Competent and engaging”

  • “Fantastic presenter and engaging with the audience”

  • "So good!  You were so good.  Such a commanding yet relaxed presence. Your energy is palpable."

  • "I’m consistently in awe of your capacity to live and deliver messages!"

  • "Great at engaging the audience during the entire event."

  • "Fantastic interviewing skills!"

  • "Loved how you kept the conversation going through the moderation of the panel."

  • Certified Process Communication Model Trainer

  • Adaptive Leadership Training - Kansas Learning Center

  • Stakeholder Centered Coaching - Marshall Goldsmith

  • Certified TeamSight by WETHOS

  • 20+ years in marketing, leadership, business and speaking engagements

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