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Market Research

When is the last time you asked your clients how you were doing? Why they choose you over your competition, or what you could do to improve? When is the last time you asked your employees what you could do better or offer as a new product or service?

Your internal employees, even the ones that don’t have direct customer contact, are still a treasure trove of information you can use to make stronger business decisions. We can teach you how to extract information from them on a regular basis to help improve and grow your business.

On an ongoing basis, how can you train your employees to be gathering useful, valuable market intelligence that you can use for service, product, growth and expansion decisions from the customer? Be ahead of your competition by having more market intelligence in your industry.

Scientist Using Microscope

Gathering Data

Capacity’s team first gathers data from primary sources for a specific purpose as it relates to our clients business objectives. New analysis is designed for the client for specific reasons and is gathered directly from data sources like customers, industry leaders, government leaders, employees, vendors and competitors.

Chess Game

Build a Structure

Based on the market intelligence gathered, our team examines opportunity, finds new solutions, creates messaging and a strategy to improve sales, brand recognition and/or take a product or service to market.

Drawing on a Board

Ready for Action

Our team can build creative, project manage a marketing strategy and recommend vendors and track the budget.

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