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The Democratization of Coaching

Technological advancements are profoundly shaping many industry landscapes and coaching is no exception. There is an emerging trend towards democratizing coaching access and influence.

Democratization means for everyone. In coaching, this democratization can possibly shift power dynamics and encourage a pervasive leadership development culture. Companies like CoachHub, BetterUP, Torch and even Korn Ferry are now offering affordable online coaching that is available beyond elite executive realms.

Organizations are now positioned to leverage coaching for enhancing engagement, job

satisfaction, and overall performance across various organizational hierarchies. Individuals can also afford more personal growth and manage their career path. Companies can adopt emerging leader programs built entirely on coaching due to this new availability.

Coaching increases engagement, job satisfaction, performance, and self-awareness. If more organizations can affordably bring in, hire or train managers to be coaches, they can expect improvement across all these categories. Leaders acting as coaches maintain collaboration. They also multiply the effectiveness of the training by systematically creating sustainability. Leaders as coaches create more leaders and spread this dynamic all the way to the front lines of a company.

How can you begin to see coaching as a viable option for your career trajectory? How can you see coaching as a part of employee development and investment? Whether you are creating availability for each worker or you are using internal coaching – both methods can shape learning, growth and higher engagement in companies.

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