The Leadership Warrior who liberates infinite capacity for individuals, teams and organizations.




Capacity Communications equips and trains leaders. We help people get out of their own way for larger impact and higher innovation. 


Through a specific four step process; Empty, Examine, Expand, Ex-celerate, we help leaders and teams unify, communicate and pull together for greater output and growth.


Capacity Communications was created to examine individual levels of growth within organizations to find opportunities for increase productivity and profits by identifying our finite capacity discovering our infinite capacity. With 20 plus years in marketing to evaluate internal and external communication and build more successful strategies, we specialize in gathering market intelligence and executing corporate training.


We are available for speaking events, marketing consulting, and corporate training. 


Let our team help you find your CAPACITY!


Company Culture Score

Identify your internal gaps in company culture. The strengths and weaknesses help target specific areas of training to create stronger culture and grow your business.


Executive coaching involves a four step process of discovery uncovering an infinite ability to expand individual capacity.

Communication Training

Escape workplace drama, build positive conflict resolution, team-building and engage in in-depth Process Communication Model training for leadership development.

Market Intelligence

Use knowledge to grow your business and be more competitive and flexible in the marketplace. Whether it is financial, market research or people dynamics, we can complete the projections and summarize results.


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